Data Recovery from RAW Partition on Windows 7

Have you ever lost crucial files from RAW Partition on Windows 7 computer?

Use Windows File Recovery software to recover lost or deleted files from the RAW Partition of your Windows 7 PC with ease

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RAW partitions are the disk partitions that are not formatted with Microsoft Windows NT file systems such as FAT and NTFS. It is not safe to have RAW partitions on Windows system. Even though, some users use RAW partitions on Windows computer to save important data. When you format your RAW partition with Windows NT file systems without having a proper backup of the files saved in the RAW partition will result in loss of the entire data from that RAW partition. Data loss from RAW partition may also occur due to accidental deletion of the files, repartitioning, formatting, reformatting, virus infection, etc. You don’t have to worry even if you lose data from the RAW partition on your Windows 7 system because you can recover data from a RAW partition on Windows 7 with the help of powerful data recovery tool known as Windows File Recovery software unless you overwrite on your partition with new files

Windows File Recovery solution

Download and install the demo version of this software on your Windows 7 system and run the software. Within a matter of few minutes, this software will retrieve files from the RAW partition on Windows 7 and it provides the option called Preview using which you can see all the recoverable files in the demo version itself. This software is designed with special algorithms such that after restoring data from the RAW partition on Windows 7, it provides the options called “Save Recovery Session” in the demo version and “Open Recovery Session” in the licensed version.

In the demo version, you can save the recovery process by using “Save Recovery Session” option so that you don’t have to rescan your RAW partition to recover data from RAW partition on Windows 7 again and once you purchase this software, you can continue with saved recovery process by just selecting “Open Recovery Session” option. In order to save recovered files, you have to purchase the licensed version of this software. This software is designed with advanced technology, such that it can also be used to recover files from SD card on Windows 7 and other versions of Windows OS such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, etc. at ease.

Data loss scenarios from RAW Partition on Windows 7:

  • Repartitioning your RAW partition on Windows 7 without having a proper backup of files saved in it will lead to data loss from the RAW partition.
  • Sometimes, due to severe virus and malware infection, some files in the RAW partition may become inaccessible. This is also a data loss scenario.
  • While removing unwanted or unused files, you might accidentally delete some crucial files from the RAW partition on your Windows. As a result, you will lose some important files from your RAW partition.

Besides the above-mentioned scenarios, files may also get lost from your RAW partition due to some other reasons like reformatting without backup of files, obstruction while moving files from RAW partition to removable storage device, frequent power fluctuation while accessing or editing some files, etc. irrespective of the reason for the loss of data from the RAW partition, this software can effortlessly recover data from RAW partition on Windows computers. This software is designed in such a way that it can retrieve data even after reinstalling Windows 7 operating system. Accidentally deleted files from Windows 10 computers can be easily recovered with the help of this software. If you want to know more information about how to get back erased data on Windows 10 hard drive, you can follow this link

Features of Windows File Recovery software:

Besides Windows 7 RAW partition data recovery, this software can also recover files from all the latest versions of Windows operating systems such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2000, Windows XP, etc. It can recover deleted folders from Windows 10 computers with utmost ease. In addition to restoring data from a RAW partition on Windows 7, it can also recover data from NTFS and FAT formatted hard drive partitions. This software can retrieve over more than 300 types of files such as PPT files, doc and docx files, audio files, video files like MOV, AVI, MP4, etc., image files like PSD, BMP, JPEG, JPG, GIFF, GIF, TIFF, RAW, NEF, etc., games, application files and many other files. You can make use of this software to retrieve lost files from different types of hard drives such as SCSI, IDE, PATA and SATA. All the files recovered using this software can also be compressed in the zip archive in order to save free disk space. The recovered files can also be saved in any removable storage media like pen drives, DVD, CD, SD cards, MMC cards, external hard drives and many more. After it recovers data from the RAW partition on the Windows 7 system, it provides you the option to preview recovered files in Data Type View and File Type View. In case, if you have accidentally deleted a partition on your Windows 7 machine, then you can easily recover data from an erased partition on Windows 7 by using this award-winning software.

Note: Suppose, you would have reinstalled Windows 7 operating system on your computer without taking a backup of files, then no need to worry because this software can easily retrieve data after reinstalling Windows 7 operating system. If you are using a RAW partition on your Windows 7 computer and when you want to format it with NTFS or FAT file system, then take a backup of all the files saved in the RAW partition and then go for reformatting.

Download Windows File Recovery software

Steps to recover data from RAW partition from Windows 7 PC

Step 1: Run the software on your computer.

Step 2: There will be three options available on the home screen. Select the "Recover Files" option.

Windows File Recovery - Select Recovery Mode

Step 3: As you click on the Scan button, the recovery process gets initiated.

Windows File Recovery - Select Drive

Step 4: With the completion of the scanning process, a new window appears with a list of restored file items.

Windows File Recovery - File Type View Recovered Files

Step 5: Preview files by right-clicking on them.

Windows File Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Step 6: Browse a location to save recovered files and finally click on Save button.

Windows File Recovery - Save Recovered Files

The "Save Recovery Session " option in the software lets you save the scanned information. You can use the "Open Recovery Session" option after activating the full version of the software to load the previously scanned information, without rescanning the drive and save the recovered data onto the desired destination drive.

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