Learn How to Recover Files Lost After System Restore

Have you abruptly terminated your system during the system Windows restore process and lost crucial data? If so, use this tool to get back data such as photo, audio, video, etc lost due to saving data without a proper backup, incompatibility of the system, etc.

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How to Recover Data Lost After System Restore?

"Just a few days back, I restored my computer system but I forgot to take backup some important file/folders and ended up in losing them. Those files are really very important for me as comprising of my crucial office documents. I'm searching for all the possible ways to get back files after system restore? Please suggest the right solution."

People always feel guilty after losing important file and folders after system restore. The best and affordable way to avoid data loss is to take a proper backup. Moreover, whenever the disaster strikes and there is no backup then don’t lose your hope. There is still a way to retrieve them back by downloading and employing the efficient Windows Data Retrieval Software application.

System restore is a process to undo system changes without affecting the personal information by monitoring and note the changes, which are made to the system right after installing new applications. But, sometimes the system restores process might fail to restore the system and result in losing data that is present in the system. Using this software, you can know how to get back files after system restores with ease. This software has always proved its ability to obtain back data such as photo, audio, video, documents, spreadsheets, etc. after system restores with ease. Besides restoring files after a system restores, this software is capable to get back files after system crash within a few clicks.

Possible causes behind data loss after system restore:

  • Saving data without backup: Usually people will likely to save their important data on the desktop without any proper backup. When the system restore is being carried out, the operating system erases all the information from disk resulting in loss of data saved on the drive storage.
  • Wrong operation: Meanwhile during system restore, you might mistakenly select all the disks to be formatted, hence all the files on them would lose or some may not understand the instructions very well and skip a few steps, thus losing entire files.
  • Other causes: Sometimes during the process of system restore, other scenarios like severe virus infection, the internal fault of the hard disk, incompatibility of the system can result in data loss.

Whatever might be the reason for data loss after system restore, losing important file and folders will be a matter of concern. In order to overcome these scenarios, immediately make use of this top-rated software to restore files on the formatted drive of different types like SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. with ease. Make use of this award-winning utility to retrieve files from the external drives such as USB drive, etc. memory card of types like SD card, xD card, CF card, etc. and external hard drives after the system restoration process.

During a system restore operation, there might be the chances of occurrence of the unexpected errors leading a damage to the files present on the system. Also, while restoring system you should not shut down the system because doing so can result in data loss. This cost-effective software has the ability to easily bring back files after reinstalling Windows OS of different versions such as Windows 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc. after the system restore operation.

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Steps to retrieve files after a system restore:

Step 1: Install the file recovery application on your Windows system. Select "Recover Files" option from the main window. Now choose the drive partitions from where the files are erased. Click on the Scan button.

Windows File Recovery - Select Recovery Mode

Step 2: The program starts scanning for the files lost with the system restore operation.

Windows File Recovery - Select Drive

Step 3: Once the scan on the drive is complete, you can view recovered data using "Data View" or "File Type View" layouts.

Windows File Recovery - File Type View Recovered Files

Step 4: To preview, right-click on the files in the list of recovered files.

Windows File Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: Browse the location on the computer to save all the restored file items.

Windows File Recovery - Save Recovered Files

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