Recover Files after Blue Screen of Death in Windows 7

Advanced tool to recover from a blue screen of death in Windows 7 in a few simple steps. This effective tool is compatible with Windows-based system

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Yesterday, while working on my system, suddenly I encounter a critical error named "Blue Screen of Death". This error can't be recover from Windows, requiring a reboot and may result in lost work. Blue screen of death is a type of low-level software crashing or faulty hardware. It is a terrible situation, most of us think that the blue screen of death cannot be recovered in Windows 7. Under such a drastic condition, you are searching for an effective software to recover such scenario with ease.

If you are facing a similar problem, no need to worry just make use of the Windows File Recovery tool to recover data from the blue screen of death in windows 7 in a few simple steps. This application is effective in recovering Windows from the blue screen of death error. You can easily download and install this software on all the latest version of Windows. This software is compatible with a different file system such as FAT 16, FAT 32, NTFS, exFAT, etc. A 24X7 technical assistance is given to the user in order to sort out the problem regarding any queries in using the application. It is one of the reliable program available online to recover from the blue screen of death in Windows 7.

Reasons that cause the blue screens of death

  • Blue screens are mainly due to the problem in computer hardware or any issues with the driver software. Standard software is not able to do so if such application crashes then it will keep the operating system out of it. Blue screen of death caused due to hardware issues or issues with low-level software running on Windows 7.
  • Sometimes the blue screen of death happens when Windows encounters a STOP error. Due to this critical failure, Windows crash and stop working. You have only option to shut down the computer and restart it. You don't have a chance to save open data and results in severe data loss.
  • Windows automatically creates a 'minidump' file which contains information about the software crash and saves it to your disk. This scenario leads to blue screen of death which in turn results in data loss from your system. If programs should continuously save their data so a blue screen of death or other types of error won't result in data loss.

You can overcome the above-mentioned scenarios using this effective software in a few simple steps. This software can be downloaded and installed on all the latest version of Windows. It is a robust application that recovers lost files without any issue.

Advanced features of this enormous tool

Windows File Recovery tool is available online to restore data loss due to a blue screen of death on Windows 7. This software requires very less space for installation on any operating system. By using this tool, you can get back lost folders on Windows due to the blue screen of death. It has an advanced feature named "Preview" option that allows the user to view the recovered file before restoration on any storage device. Windows File Recovery tool comes with an advanced find option search restored file on the basis of file attributes. Demo version is available for users to check the efficiency of this reliable application. This tool is effective to perform Windows File Recovery with great ease.

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How to recover from the blue screen of death in Windows 7?

Step 1: Select "Recover Files" option from the main window. Now in the list of all logical drives in the system, choose the drive whose data is to be retrieved.

Step 2: Press on the Scan button for the data recovery process to begin.

Windows File Recovery - Select Recovery Mode

Step 3: You can view the status of file recovery when the scanning process is in progress.

Download Windows File Recovery software

Windows File Recovery - Select Drive

Step 3: The recovery results after the scan is presented in Data View and File Type View.

Windows File Recovery - File Type View Recovered Files

Step 4: You can also take a look of recovered data before saving them to other storage drives by right-clicking on the file item.

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Windows File Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: Then save the recovery results in an appropriate storage drive.

Windows File Recovery - Save Recovered Files

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