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Have you accidentally deleted/lost NTFS partitions making your data inaccessible?

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NTFS Recovery

The New Technology File System better known as NTFS, is one of the most stable and efficient file system in use today. Due to its stability and self-repairing properties, it is the preferred file system on most Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 2000 NT, Windows Vista and Windows 7. NTFS supports various features not available in FAT file system. These features are the very reason for NTFS file system being preferred over FAT, on most of the new Windows OS.

Some of the key feature of NTFS file system can be summarized as follows,

  • It provides a powerful storage solution like RAID, and also supports large volumes.
  • It has support for names based on Unicode and Integrated File Compression.
  • It supports very large files, and provides security options on both fixed and removable disks.
  • It keeps track of file clusters by making use of B-tree directory scheme and supports long file names.

Despite these advanced features, NTFS file system is prone to data loss resulting in the partitions getting lost or deleted. The reasons for data loss might be many like, virus attacks, malware, accidental repartitioning of the hard drive, corruption of the system files etc. Though the file system gets corrupted and the files become inaccessible, there is nothing to be anxious about, as the deleted files can be recovered with the help of an effective recovery tool.

Windows File Retrieval Tool lets you recover all the files present on your NTFS partitions with ease. This comprehensive data recovery software lets you recover deleted/lost documents, media files and partitions from both NTFS and FAT partitions on Windows. Software enables you to retrieve files from Window 8, Win 7 and from other latest Windows versions.

Note: Apart from recovering files from NTFS partition, this easy to use software can also be used on All versions of Windows operating systems including Windows 7 to retrieve files from RAW partition and FAT partitions effortlessly.

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You can follow the steps given below, to recover the lost/deleted NTFS partitions,


Step 1: Launch the software, either by selecting the icon from the Programs list present in the Start Menu, or by double clicking the desktop shortcut. The Main window pops up, as shown in Figure 1. Three options are displayed on the Main screen. Select the "Recover Partitions / Drives" option from the three options that are provided.


NTFS Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Window


Step 2: Once you select the "Recover Partitions / Drives" option,a new window is displayed where you have the option to recover formatted / reformatted partitions or recover deleted/ lost partitions. From the options provided, select the "Partition Recovery" option and proceed to the next step as shown in Figure 2.


NTFS Recovery - Select Recovery Mode

Figure 2: Select Partition Recovery Option


Step 3: On selection of the "Partition Recovery" option, the detected physical drives are displayed by the software as shown in Figure 3. From the list of displayed physical drives, select the physical drive from which you want to recover the data, and click the "Next" button to proceed to the next step.


NTFS Recovery - Select Drive

Figure 3 : Select Physical Drive


Step 4: Clicking the "Next" button, starts the scanning process. The software scans the selected physical drive and displays all the found logical and physical drives as shown in Figure 4. Select the NTFS drive / partition from which you want to recover the data, and click "Next"


NTFS Recovery - Select found Partition to recover - screen

Figure 4 : Select Logical Drive


Step 5: You also have the option to search for files based on their unique signature by selecting the file typesas shown in Figure 5. You can select the "Skip" button and choose to skip this step and continue with the regular scanning. After you select the appropriate option, click on "Next"


NTFS Recovery - Select File Type

Figure 5 : Select File Type


Step 6: Once you click the "Next" button, the software starts scanning the selected drive / partition and displays the recovered files as shown in Figure 6. The recovered files can be viewed using the Data View / File Type View option. Preview the recovered files using the "Preview" option and evaluate the recovery results.


NTFS Recovery - Save Recovered data - screen

Figure 6 : View Recovered Data

Use the "Save Recovery Session " option in the software to save the scanned information. You can later make use of the "Open Recovery Session" option once you buy and activate the full version of the software to load the previously scanned information, and save the recovered data.


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