How to Recover Files Lost after Reinstalling Windows 7?

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Although Windows 8 is available from the past few years, Windows 7 is still used on multiple desktops and laptop because of its unique qualities and interface. Sometimes either user is compelled to reinstall the new operating system or to boost the system performance reinstall the operating system. If this technical thing isn’t done in a recommended way, then there is a possibility that the files present on the hard drive might get lost. The best way to deal with such data loss scenario on Windows 7 based system is the implementation of Windows File Recovery. This Windows file restoration software recover lost files after reinstalling Windows 7 in a matter of a few simple clicks.

There are different reasons that cause data loss after Windows 7 reinstallation. A few of the repeated reasons are detailed as follows:

Virus Attack: Windows 7 is very much prone to virus attack, in the same way as its predecessors. When any such virus or unwanted programs make some of the unknown changes in the architecture of the operating system then it gets corrupted. This in turn, makes the files remain unreachable to the user.

Improper System Shutdown: Many a time, the Windows 7 operating system may get corrupted due to the repeated shutdown of the system in an inappropriate way. The system may get shut down in an incorrect way, due to different reasons such as a power failure, software conflict, hard drive crash, hardware issues and different others.

Error While Selecting Drive: When we need to reinstall any new operating system, we need to format it. If while making a selection of the drive we accidentally select the wrong drive, then all of the files may be lost forever.

Other Reasons: Files and folders may also get lost from any Windows system due to different other reasons such as MBR corruption, deletion of partition, error while changing the setting of the file system and various others. To overcome such painful situations and recover Windows 7 data files, you can utilize this easy to use the software.

Under all of the above described-instances, any of you can make use of this software to recover lost files after reinstalling Windows 7. This software scans the corrupt system hard drive in a few seconds and provides a list of files that can be recovered back. Any of you can also make use of this software to recover files from a formatted drive on Windows system in a very comfortable way. Besides helping users to recover lost files after reinstalling Windows 7, it can also be used on different Windows versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003, and Windows 2008. As Windows 10 is trending nowadays, Windows 10 users can take the help of this software to recover deleted files from Windows 10 PC or laptops with the utmost ease.

Users can recover lost files after reinstalling Windows 7 because when any of the files are lost due to any reason, they exist at the saved memory space area. So, if the files are not overwritten then the files and folders can be easily restored by the users. This application ensures NTFS recovery after Windows reinstall in a flawless manner on the different file systems such as NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT64.

Note: If you are specifically looking for an easy way to retrieve files from Windows 10 computer, then this software would be very appropriate solution to recover data from Windows 10 computer that are lost or deleted under several scenarios.

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Steps to recover files after reinstalling Windows 7:

Step 1: Get the file recovery tool installed on your Windows 7 PC. On the main screen choose the option as "Recover Files". You then need to select the drive partitions from where the files are to be restored. Continue to click on the Scan button.

Windows File Recovery - Select Recovery Mode

Step 2: A scanning on the selected drive partitions will be initiated. The status of file recovery will be displayed as shown in the below figure.

Windows File Recovery - Select Drive

Download Windows File Recovery software

Step 3: As the scan on the Windows drive partition is complete, all the recovered files are returned for review in Data View and File Type View.

Windows File Recovery - File Type View Recovered Files

Step 4: You need to right-click on the particular file item in order to preview.

Windows File Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Download Windows File Recovery software

Step 5: The restored files can be now saved to any desired location on your computer.

Windows File Recovery - Save Recovered Files

NOTE: Know in a more detailed way to recover files after Windows re-installation by visiting our software YouTube video:

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