Windows File Recovery
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Recover Files from Formatted Drive

Have you accidentally formatted your hard drive? Have you lost important files from the drive?

By using Windows file recovery software; you can easily recover and restore deleted files from formatted hard drive

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Windows 7 File Recovery




Lost File Recovery Windows 7

Have you accidentally deleted or lost files from your hard drive while working on Windows 7 Operating system? Don’t panic, you can easily recover lost files from your computer by using a good lost file recovery software. You might lose files from your hard drive due to various scenarios like accidental deletion of files, unintentionally or intentionally formatting or re-formatting drive or partition, accidental deletion of partition, file system corruption, software malfunction, Operating system crash, power surge and improper system shut down. Due to any of the above mentioned reasons the files on the hard drive may become inaccessible. The software lets you perform Windows Recycle Bin file recovery easily and recover files that have been deleted accidentally from the Recycle Bin. Other than recovering data from internal hard drives, this software lets you restore external hard disk files on Windows 7, Vista, XP. This tool can retrieve data from Windows 2003 deleted due to file system corruption.

You can prevent data loss of important folders and files using various methods like taking a back of your important files regularly, making your system virus free by installing anti-virus software etc. With the help of this easy to use software, you can also formatted data from hard disk using cmd on Windows 10 computer easily. To know more about it, check this page:

Avoid permanent data loss by following few remedies like:

  • Stop using the hard drive: When you delete or lose a file from your hard drive, the Operating System marks the space which was previously occupied by your deleted or lost file as free space for storing new files.
  • Do not install any new file recovery or data recovery software as it may overwrite your deleted or lost files
  • Do not try to restart your computer as it may result in permanent data loss


Download Windows File Recovery software


How to recover lost files from Windows 7?

Follow the few easy steps to restore files from Windows 7 Operating system using File Recovery Software.


Step 1:Download and install the software and run the software by double clicking the shortcut icon present on the desktop or by selecting the icon by START MENU -> PROGRAMS. The main window displays as shown in Image 1. Select “Recover Files” option from the main window as shown in Image 1


Lost File Recovery Windows 7 - Main Screen

Image 1 : Main Window


Step 2: Select “Recover Deleted files” or “Recover Lost Files” options from the window to recover lost files from your Windows 7 hard drive as shown in Image 2.


Download Windows File Recovery software

Lost File Recovery Windows 7 - Select Recovery Mode

Image 2: Select Recover Deleted / Lost


Step 3:Once you select the option a new window displays the detected physical and logical drives as shown in Figure 3. Select the logical drive from which you need to restore deleted files as shown in Image 3 and click “NEXT”


Lost File Recovery Windows 7 - Select the Drive

Image 3 : Select Logical Drive


Step 4:Once you click on “Next” the software starts scanning the drive to recover deleted or lost files from your Windows 7 OS. Once the scanning is completed you can view recovered data using “Data View” or “File Type View” options as shown in Image 4

Download Windows File Recovery software


Lost File Recovery Windows 7 - View Recovered Files

Image 4 : View Recovered Data


Step 5: You can save your scanned data by using “Save Recovery Session” option. Later when you activate the full version of the software use the “Open Recovery session” option to re-load the previously scanned data and save it in your desired location as shown in Image 5.


Lost File Recovery Windows 7 - Save / Open Recovery session

Image 5 : Save / Open Recovery session


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