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Quieres Rescata Shift archivos borrados en Windows Computer?

Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating system developed by Microsoft and widely used. It has a lot of features this is why it is very popular among users. If any of files of folders containing important data is deleted by the command shift delete then it is permanently lost from Windows7. Pointless to say that such type of data lass causes of great difficulty for user, as they ends up is severe data loss. But, fortunately, there is popular recovery software which has earned special credit under the name of Windows File Recovery tool; it would be helpful in recovery of data deleted using shift delete button.

There are various occasions where Windows File Recovery tool can be utilized. Some of those, which are most frequently occurring, are as mentioned below.

Sometimes, while deleting useless files or folders from your computer, you use shift and delete option and unfortunately, any of important files is also get deleted in this event then it is gone forever. As you must be familiar that files or folders deleted using shift delete command does not get stored in recycle bin. Thus there is no chance that you could recover files from there. In such situation there is only one tool which comes handy that is Windows File Recovery utility. This tool has capacity to recover shift deleted files from windows 7.

Another scenario where files or folders are permanently deleted is emptying Recycle Bin. Suppose you have deleted any folder assuming that it is useless, this data get stored in Recycle Bin, but if you deleted that folder from Recycle Bin then it is permanently deleted. This file cannot be recovered without help of appropriate tool. Windows File Recovery tool is one of the recovery tools, which is designed to retrieve permanently deleted files from windows operating systems.

Apart from this virus or malware attack could be another reason where files or folders from Windows 7 are deleted. If any virus has attacked to the system then folders which are infected due to virus may get deleted by any third party software like anti-virus. Possibility is high that you may lose your important data in this incident. However, there is a very famous recovery tool by making use of that you can recover deleted files or folders due to virus or other malicious program in an de manera eficaz.

Con independencia de las causas de eliminación de archivos del ordenador herramienta de recuperación de archivos de Windows es muy capaz de recuperar los datos eliminados de manera efectiva dentro de unos segundos. Esta herramienta tiene la capacidad de recuperar archivos de FAT FAT16 FAT32, ExFAT, NTFS y NTFS5 sistema de archivos. Esta herramienta puede recuperar archivos borrados en Windows 2003, el servidor de Microsoft Windows 2008, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 y Windows 8. Además de esto, es capaz de recuperar archivos después de la caída del sistema, la corrupción del disco duro de Windows y archivos perdidos debido a formateo o error de partición. Puede previsualizar los archivos recuperados, una vez que el proceso de recuperación ha terminado.


Nota: Supongamos, usted está teniendo RAW particionado el disco duro en el sistema Windows y si habría borrado accidentalmente algunos archivos importantes a continuación, utilizar este software y fácilmente recuperar archivos de partición RAW en Windows computadora.

Download Windows File Recovery software

Pasos para recuperar archivos de desplazamiento eliminado

paso 1: Descargue e instale la herramienta de recuperación de archivos de Windows y lanzarlo. Los principales escaparates como se muestra en la imagen 1. Seleccione "Recover Files" opción de la ventana principal como se muestra en la imagen 1

Recover Shift Deleted Files from Windows 7 - Main Screen

Imagen 1: Pantalla Principal

paso 2: seleccionar "Recover Deleted Files" Opciones de la pantalla para recuperar archivos borrados del disco duro como se muestra en la Imagen 2.

How to Get Back deleted Folders on Windows - Select Recover deleted Files

Imagen 2: Seleccione Recuperar archivos borrados

Download Windows File Recovery software

paso 3: Una nueva ventana muestra las unidades lógicas detectados como se muestra en la Imagen 3, donde tienes que seleccionar la unidad deseada y haga clic en "Next" botón.

How to Rescue Shift Deleted Folders on Windows 7 - Select the Drive

Imagen 3: Seleccione la unidad

paso 4: El software comienza a escanear la unidad para recuperar archivos borrados de su sistema operativo Windows 7. Una vez que el escaneo se sobrepone puede ver los datos recuperados utilizando "Data View" o "File Type View" Opciones como se muestra en la imagen 4.

Get Back Shift Deleted Folders on Windows 7 - View Recovered Folders

Imagen 4: Ver carpetas recuperadas

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